Men of Praise Motorcycle Ministry is a fellowship of Jesus followers who are also motorcyclists. We are committed to bringing the message of God's amazing free grace to all those we encounter. In order to acomplish this, Men of Praise Motorcycle Ministry has identified our two principal values as Grace and Incarnational Mission.

We believe that the only condition for receiving everlasting life is faith alone in the Lord Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for our sins and was resurrected from the dead. (John 3:16-18; 6:47; Acts 16:31). We further believe that no work of man or act of obedience before or after faith in Jesus Chirst, such as repentance of known sin or surrender to the Lordship of Christ can be added to the Gospel message as either requirements prior to saving faith or as evidence of that faith. 

Incarnational Mission
We strive to be true reflections of the incredible, loving God and His first agent of redemption, Jesus Christ. Just as Jesus ministered to the lost by going out to them, our call is to go into the streets of our cities and share the message of Grace. To accomplish this, we develop relationships with pepole living on the street, trapped in addiction, involved in gangs, and wherever else God leads us. Our goal is to lead everyone we come into contact with into a deeper relationship with Christ. Some for the first time, and some who already know Christ into even more intimate fellowship.