Wednesday, February 23, 2011

RIder Down, But OK

Yesterday one of our ministers, Danny "Double D" Diekman was riding on north Academy in Colorado Springs when the car in front of him stopped suddenly. Double D was unable to stop in time and hit the rear of the stopped car. Double D suffered a broken knee and has a sprained shoulder. He also has some bumps and bruises on his head and face, but overall his condition is very good all things considered. He will be in recovery for the next 6-8 weeks, so please lift our brother and fellow minister up in prayer.

Also, praise God that Double D's bike, "Angel Baby" was not seriously damaged in the accident. It will need some repairs (mostly cosmetic), but it still started and ran. Music Man and Little Dawg were able to ride it onto a trailer after the accident. We will post periodic updates here on Double D's condition, as well as opportunities for our brothers and sisters in the motorcycle community to minister to Double D as he recovers.

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